Windber High School Class of 1954 (link)
Windber Class of 54 Gathers
Years along the Way
A porthole to the years we hold ... OH! ... So Dear
Listed below, those years past, when Windber Class of 54 Gathered
1st Grade Class 1942
Basketball Champs 1950
All Pennsylvania 1953
5th Class Reunion 1959
10th Class Reunion 1964
15th Class Reunion 1969
20th Class Reunion 1974
25th Class Reunion 1979
30th Class Reunion 1984
35th Class Reunion 1989

40th Class Reunion 1994
45th Class Reunion 1999

50th Class Reunion 2004

55th Class Reunion 2009

If anyone would like to share any additional information that I may be lacking, Such as; menus, agendas, programs, art assisted articles etc. please email me at

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